Typographics 2016

Typographics is an annual 11-day festival held at The Cooper Union in New York City. The festival, which attracted more than 500 design professionals and type enthusiasts in 2016, explores the roots of modern typography and addresses how type will evolve and impact the future of design. I was art director for the 2016 Typographics festival working with the event’s leadership team to fulfill the majority of design components. This included conceptualizing and producing the creative for a wide range of print and digital initiatives and campaigns, and designing artwork for onsite graphics and event material.

Photo: Mario Morgado
Photo: Marget Long
Photo: Marget Long
Photo: Marget Long
Photo: Marget Long
Website designed in collaboration with Nick Sherman
The script for generating the badges — “BadgeBot 2016” — was created by type designer David Jonathan Ross. Artwork produced in collaboration with Nick Sherman.

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